The most important aspect of the design process is the guarantee that the clients stay in control of the project. AB4 is a balanced professional team of architects and technicians with the capacity and infrastructure to undertake a wide range of projects.


AB4 is fully computerized and uses only the most advanced programs and systems.

This enables us to generate three dimensional drawings and models for presentations.


The company is involved in various areas of the community.

The director serve on various committees, commissions, councils, parent bodies and are directors of other companies.

AB4 believes in South Africa and would like to see corporate and institutional S.A. invest more in educational and job creation being the foundation of a community’s well being and growth.


P.J. Botha

B. Arch (UOFS)

C. Graceffa

B. Arch (Wits)

W.P. Jacobs

B.Tech Arch (Pretoria Technicon)


Three of the current members, Mr. Graceffa, Mr. Botha and Mr. Jacobs formed the dynamic and fast-growing architectural company “AB4” in 1995 after being colleagues for 4 years they realised that they have the same ideals. Their combined vision and drive gave birth to “AB4”.

They joined, and worked with a well-established architect Mr. J van Rooyen from September 1995 under the company name Johann van Rooyen and AB4 Architects inc.

This company expanded and grew into one of the most prominent firms in the North West Province. The experience, proven knowledge and vision combined with the drive and will to succeed inherited from previous entities gave birth to AB4 Architects known today.

Currently AB4 Architects is one of the largest and most experienced practice in the North West Province, with 4 Senior Architects, and a well equipped team of Technologist and Administrative personnel.

In 2006 “AB4” opened a branch office in Gauteng Province to serve the needs of clients, and to expand and explore new horizons.

The shareholders of the firm are equal and accept mutual as well as individual responsibility for the professional work undertaken by them.